All Triratna retreat centres are currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For details of online retreats run by Triratna Centres see The Buddhist Centre Online

Connecting with the Unseen: the Five Buddha Mandala

A crucial aspect of Buddhist practice is connecting with what transcends the conceptual mind and the tangible world. The symbolism and teachings of the 5 Buddha Mandala can act as beautiful and inspiring gateways to a place that the ordinary mind cannot reach. On this retreat weekend we will be reflecting and meditating on the colour, gestures, symbols of each of these Five Buddhas in order to form a deeper connection with the Buddha’s enlightenment.

This online retreat for regulars is a wonderful opportunity to explore and deepen our meditation practice in the context of our lives at home, uncovering the hidden depths within ourselves and offering a glimpse into what the Buddha taught about being ‘Awake’ through transforming our hearts and minds.

At home retreats can be surprisingly effective and enriching. To support our retreat, on this weekend there will be periods of collective meditation, workshops and talks along with group discussions and Buddhist ritual.

We will also be providing an online ‘retreat lounge’ where you can share and connect with others on the retreat outside of programmed activities.

This retreat is for Buddhist practitioners and regular meditators with at least 6 month’s experience, who are open to participating in Buddhist ritual.

Led by Suddhaka and Amarapuspa
Friday 30th April – Sunday 2nd May
Booking Essential.

This Event is by Donation (Dana). We’d suggest a donation £90 / £50 depending on your income. However there is no minimum donation to book if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

All donations are gratefully received and are used to keep providing these events for all, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Retreat Programme (All times in BST)
timings are provisional may change slightly

7:30 to 8:30pm Opening Session

7:00 to 7:50am First Meditation
8:00 to 8:45am Second Meditation
10:30 to 12:30pm Morning Session
4:00 to 5:30pm Afternoon Session
7:30 to 8:30pm Evening Session

7:00 to 7:50am First Meditation
8:00 to 8:45am Second Meditation
10:30 to 12:30pm Morning Session
3:00 to 4:00pm Closing Session


Can I still join if I can’t attend all the sessions?
Yes, if you have commitments that cannot be changed, you are still welcome to join us for as much as you are able to.

Of course, the more sessions you can attend the more you will be able to enter into the depths of the retreat. So we would encourage you to attend as much as possible. If you can make space over the weekend, you may find it helpful to decide in advance that you will attend all the sessions.

Is it really possible to do a retreat online?
Although it seems unlikely, online retreats can be surprisingly deep and significant experiences. The simple act of being in the virtual presence of others when meditating or reflecting on our lives leads to a far richer experience than simply watching a video or listening to a recorded meditation.

Making a few simple changes for the weekend can also really help, such as creating a quiet space for meditation, letting those we live with know we will be on retreat, and avoiding any unnecessary engagements. This few simple things can make a huge difference to your experience of doing a retreat at home, and give you the space for your deeper experiences to unfold.

How do I join the sessions/retreat lounge?
Once you have booked we will send you an email containing all the links you need to participate in the retreat.

Going on retreat offers the precious opportunity to be away from the busyness of London life, surrounded by beautiful countryside and with the benefit of guidance from experienced teachers. Whatever your level of experience it’s an invaluable way of taking your practice deeper. Firstly, we would most recommend the Brixton Sangha Retreats. Going on retreat with people you already know and practice with can be especially conducive to deeper mental states. 

Please note: We are sad to say that all Triratna Retreat Centres will be closed until June due to the COVID-19 Pandemic