24th – 26th January 2020: Brixton Open Retreat at Vajrasana Retreat Centre, Suffolk. Open to all – beginners and regulars. 

Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer to meditation, coming on our January retreat will bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy for starting the year. On this weekend retreat there’ll be space for reflection, meditation and connection with like-minded people. We’ll be living and practicing together as a community in the beautiful Vajrasana retreat centre in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. 

Recommended Retreats 2019-2020

Going on retreat offers the precious opportunity to be away from the busyness of London life, surrounded by beautiful countryside and with the benefit of guidance from experienced teachers. Whatever your level of experience it’s an invaluable way of taking your practice deeper.

Firstly, we would most recommend the Brixton Sangha Retreats. Going on retreat with people you already know and practice with can be especially conducive to deeper mental states. However, we also get asked about other retreats that we would recommend – especially longer retreats. Below you will find a list of recommended retreats, both weekends and longer for all different levels of experience, and in a range of locations (click on the links for more information).

All of these retreats are run by Triratna Buddhist Retreat Centres and are tried and tested by members of our Brixton Sangha. The retreats highlighted in bold are ones that members of Brixton Buddhist Community will be going on. 

If you’d like some guidance on what might be most suitable for your level of experience then any of the order members at our classes will be happy to help. For more details of the retreats themselves contact the retreat centres directly, or email us at info@brixtonbuddhistmeditation.org 


Retreats suitable for all levels of experience


15th – 17th November: Sub25 Retreat at Vajrasana Retreat Centre, Suffolk. Open to everyone aged 16- 25.

22nd Dec – 01 Jan:  LBC Winter Retreat at Vajrasana Retreat Centre, Suffolk.

28th – 30th August 2020: Summer Open Retreat with Brixton Buddhist Centre at Vajrasana, Suffolk. Open to everyone. Booking available soon. 



23rd Dec – 3rd Jan: Winter Retreat at Taraloka Retreat Centre, Shropshire.


15th – 17th November: Sub35 Weekend – Fearless Love at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, Norfolk

Deepening your practice and going further


22nd December – 1st January 2020: Winter Intensive Retreat at Vajrasana Retreat Centre, Suffolk. For people who have been on a Triratna retreat before, and have been meditating with us regularly for at least six months.


27th December – 3rd January 2020: Women’s Winter Retreat at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, Scotland. For women Triratna mitras.

27th December – 3rd January 2020: New Year Retreat at Taraloka Retreat Centre, Shropshire.


19th December – 2nd Jan 2020: Padmaloka Winter Retreat at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, Norfolk. For men training for ordination and men in the Triratna Order.

8th – 15th February 2020: Men’s Working Retreat at Guyaloka, Spain. Retreat led by Viryanaga from Brixton Buddhist Community. To book email info@brixtonbuddhistmeditation.org



For more retreats see Going On Retreat