Support Us

Hand giving a dharma lotus

We are a thriving spiritual community in South London offering the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to all. We regularly hear how our activities help transform people’s lives, offering inspiration, connection and meaning.

We completely rely on donations given by people like you to do this.

This financial year, we need to raise £35,000 to sustain and support our community. This money goes towards the costs of organising and running events, producing meditation and Dharma videos, as well as outreach and engaging new people.

Monthly gifts are especially helpful for our community, as we can then plan ahead and undertake new initiatives safe in the knowledge that your regular gifts will cover any running costs.

We are asking people to consider ‘working a half day for the Dharma’ each month, by donating 2% of their monthly income to support the Brixton Buddhist Community in its work.

If just 80 people in our community decide to do this, we can collectively fund all the activities for the year ahead, helping us offer the Dharma and meditation to more and more people.