Volunteer with Brixton Buddhist Community

None of the classes or events we run would be possible without the generosity of our volunteers. Donating your time and energy is extremely valuable to us and can be a wonderful way to practice generosity and deepen friendships within our community. Here are some ways in which you can volunteer… 

Media Team

We’re looking for people to help us to continue to expand by promoting our classes and courses. If you have experience in branding, marketing (or even if you just know how to use Facebook!), we’re always looking for people to join our media team.

To join the media team contact lizzy@brixtonbuddhistmeditation.org


We’ve found that flyering is a major way that people find out about our classes and courses. Many people end up becoming regular members of our community off the back of receiving a flyer outside Brixton tube station! Our flying team takes to the streets about once a month. If you have an hour to spare we’d really appreciate your help. 

To join the flyering team contact charlotte@brixtonbuddhistmeditation.org

Volunteering at Classes

We’re currently looking for more volunteers for our Monday night meditation classes. Being on the team involves helping to set up tables, mats, cushions and tea for the class and being a friendly, welcoming presence for visitors. It’s important that members of the team are able to give advice on posture and the basics of the meditation practice we teach so we usually take onboard team members who are regulars with us or who have completed one of our courses. 

To join the Monday night team please contact Maitrinara@gmail.com

Volunteering for Brixton Buddhist Community

All of the classes, courses and events that we run are taught by teachers and supported by teams who give their time freely. Brixton Buddhist Community wouldn’t be running without volunteers so we’re always extremely grateful for people who are able to give their time and energy. 

If you’d like to help out there are a few different things that you could do… 

Monday Night Class Team

We’re currently looking for people to join our Monday night meditation class team. Being on the team is a great way to form connections within our community as you’ll be working with more or less the same team each week. 

Because we need team members to be able to give basic advice about meditation posture and the two practices we teach, we tend to take onboard people who are regulars at our classes or who have completed a course with us. 

If this sounds like you and you’d like to join the team, please contact Maitrinara@gmail.com

Media Team

The media team deals with all the ways in which we tell our existing community about events that we are running and the ways in which we try to bring new people into our classes. 

If you have experience in branding, marketing or social media we’d really appreciate your help. We’re particularly looking for someone to help us manage our Facebook page at the moment. 

If you’d like to join the media team, contact lizzy@brixtonbuddhistmeditation.org