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IBYC and Youth Pilgrimage 2020

This convention and pilgrimage is for young people practicing within the Triratna Buddhist community.

This is a rare and precious opportunity to join with other young Triratna Buddhists from across the globe and to practice together as one Sangha under the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha gained enlightenment. It is the chance to follow in the Buddha’s footsteps – on a 2,500 years old pilgrimage, whist at the same time exploring together the implications of his teachings for our generation and the ones to come. It’s the opportunity to witness first hand the Dharma Revolution in India – and to learn, support and inspire one another in our collective, global vision. 

The dates are: IBYC: 16th – 21st of February 2020 in Bodh Gaya, India. Pilgrimage: 13th of Feb – 3rd of March 2020 (includes transport to/from IBYC).