Opening up… to love… to beauty…to awareness.

Can you help us with opening up, and help people
meet the Dharma for the first time?

We are seeking to raise £9,000 over the next 3 months
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For many it’s been a difficult lock-down but finally things are beginning to open up again. We have had so many messages thanking us for the support of this community over the past year. People have told us time and again how the perspective of meditation and the Dharma has helped them navigate the challenges of lock-down life; how that sense of solidarity and support from the Sangha has helped them feel connected through some of their lowest most isolated times, as well as inspiring them at their best of times.

We’ve done so well as a community to come through this period strengthened and more together. Clearer about what we have to offer a world in real uncertainty. Clearer about what we have to offer people living in daily stress and confusion, without a real sense of meaning and purpose. Clearer about the benefit of the meditation practices of awareness and of loving kindness. Clearer about the clarifying perspective of the Dharma, and the necessity of the community, of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Now we are starting to bring these meditation practices, teachings, discussions, friendship and community out from behind the cameras and into the ‘real world’ with in-person activities.

We are opening up our two in-person classes again, so that people can touch into truth, awareness and metta together with others, on a weekly basis. The team from these events are delighted to once again be seeing each other and welcoming in new people into the vibrant space created by Meditation and Dharma practice.

But we have so much more we want to open back up to….courses, festival days, residential retreats, and working retreats, as well as other special in-person events. We are ready to open up in a bigger, bolder way and with more confidence in what we have to offer the world.

But this all takes resources. It takes time, it takes effort and it also takes money.

At Brixton Buddhist community we are developing a culture of generosity, so that everything we do can be freely offered, so that anyone who wants to can join in, free of financial constraint. We rely on donations given at classes, courses and from appeals like these.

We are inviting you to join in with that culture of generosity and to give to what you love, give to what has been of benefit to you, and give to help spread the gift of Meditation, Dharma and community further than ever before.

Please give now to our ‘opening up’ appeal. We are seeking to raise £9,000 by over the next 3 months, to allow us to unroll our full programme of in-person events, while still providing some of the online activities which are so appreciated and remain a lifeline to many.

Your money will be used to:

Help people attend their first Dharma or Meditation class, by covering the increased rental costs for our two weekly classes throughout the summer

Help people deepen their practices and discover the wisdom of the Dharma, by providing the resources needed to start in-person courses and study groups again

Help provide our first post-lockdown in-person retreat at Vajrasana in September, by giving us the upfront money and resources needed make this happen

Help those who cannot attend our events physically to stay connected with the sangha by giving us the money to keep producing online content in addition to in-person events.

Could you set up a new monthly standing order of £50 per month for the next three months, or give a one-off gift of £150 or more?

If just 60 of us gave we could reach our target and assure the gift of the meditation, the Dharma and community is offered to all in South London and beyond.