Think, Act, Live – A Buddhist course on the basis of meditation

In-person, held at Effra Space. Brixton

Our first taste of Buddhist practice is often meditation. However, the Buddha taught that if we want to get anywhere in meditation practice we first need to look at the skillfulness of our actions. This is because living a life of positive ethical actions leads to a lightness of mind that is the fertile ground needed for deeper meditation experience.

In this six week course, we will be looking at lots of practical ways for us to explore the positive mental effects of living ethically. We’ll be talking about how Buddhist ethics is not about following rules or conventions, but about responding in creative and surprising ways to the situations that we find ourselves in, as well as speaking clearly, directly, and bravely in our interactions with others. This course will show you how this sometimes overlooked practice of Buddhist ethics is actually the key to a rich, alive meditation practice, deeper insight and wisdom, and living a truly fulfilled existence.

This course is suitable for those newer to Buddhism or meditation, as well as experienced practitioners who have completed courses with us before.

Led by Maitrinara and Amaladana

Six Wednesday evenings from 15th September
7.00pm – 9.30pm, with a break
at Effra Space, SW2

Booking Essential, places limited

*please note, depending on government guidance on social contact following 19th July, this course may not be socially distanced.*


Our courses are free to book, but all donations are gratefully received. We are completely reliant on your gifts to run these events, and to keep them free for those without the means to give financially. We’d suggest a donation of £90/£45 for the whole 6-week course, depending on your income.

Life with Full Attention
A Practical Course in Mindfulness

If we want to find greater depth and richness in our lives, we need to take a look at our current experience. We so often overlook the one thing that defines whether our experience is a happy or unhappy one – our minds. Our state of mind filters everything, and if we want to feel like our life is going anywhere we need to attend to our minds.

In this eight-week practical course in mindfulness, we will be looking at how to do this week on week, starting with applying mindfulness in everyday life and culminating in mindfulness of the nature of reality. The book Life with Full Attention by Maitreyabandhu will be our guide to daily practice. A copy of the book will be given to you at the beginning of the course.

This course is suitable for those new to Buddhism and meditation as well as those who have completed a course with us before.

Eight Tuesday evenings via zoom, starting Monday 19th January
7:15pm – 9:00pm with a break

Led by Amarapuspa and Amaladana

Booking Essential.

This course is free of charge but all donations are gratefully received. We’d suggest £100/£140 depending on your income.