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Mindful Emotion 
Online Course – Eight Tuesday Evenings 

Even at best of times, the pressures of urban life can pile up, leaving us feeling anxious or isolated. How much more so in the midst of our current crisis!

The world around us seems further beyond our control than ever. Yet is it still possible for us to become more emotionally positive and robust, so that we can face difficulty together with kindness and clarity? 

This eight-week course is based on the groundbreaking book, Mindful Emotion, by Dr Paramabandhu Groves and Dr Jed Shamel. Mindful Emotion draws together approaches from clinical psychological and teachings from the Buddhist tradition to create an approach to mindfulness that emphasises cultivating kindness towards ourselves and others. Introducing more kindness into our lives has been proven to bring more emotional resilience, better relationships and more positive mental states – whatever else is happening in the world. 

Participants will receive a free copy of Mindful Emotion. It will be your companion as your progress through the course, offering reflections, and exercises each week in a concise user-friendly style. Teaching on the course will be accompanied by downloadable led meditations and suggestions for home practice. 

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings, and on the power of your own mind, week-by-week you will learn to become kinder, more aware and more compassionate, preparing you for whatever life brings next. 

Led by Sagarasila and Matt Drage 

Booking Essential
Eight Tuesday evenings via Zoom, starting 21st April
7.15 – 9.45pm

Booking Essential.
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Places are being offered on a donation basis.  Suggested donation £140 full-waged/£100 low-waged. However, do give as much you wish to.  All donations received are used to provide all the teaching content and maintain our online activities.