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We’ll be hosting all our courses on the same days and times as usual online during the Coronavirus. Go to our homepage to see upcoming classes, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for all our latest live streams and video content.

Meditate with Confidence
Online Introductory Course – Four Tuesday Evenings

“I’m just not a meditator” we hear you say. Well here’s the catch – many meditation teachers didn’t think they were either. What’s our secret? We worked out what was getting in our way, and took simple, practical steps to move forward bit by bit.

Join us for this four week online course to kick-start your home practice.


By the end of it you will:
– Be able to get yourself into a comfortable, supportive posture for meditation, using whatever you have available at home
– Have set some achievable goals for building a regular practice into your life and feel clear on your motivation
– Better understand what gets in the way of you meditating, and have discovered your own strategies for overcoming these as best you can
– Have learnt some short, straight-forward practices that are easy to try out on your own
– Connected with other people starting out on their own journey with meditation, sharing with and learning from each other
– Be confident that there are no “stupid” questions when it comes to meditation, and have had the opportunity to talk to two experienced teachers in an open and friendly space.


Led by Maitrinita and Charlotte
Booking Essential
Four Tuesday evenings via Zoom, starting 2nd June
7.15 – 8:45pm

Places are being offered on a donation basis. Suggested donation £50 full-waged/£25 low-waged. However, do give as much you wish to.

Book here: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/brixtonbuddhistcommunity/375150 or in the box below.

Places are being offered on a donation basis.  Suggested donation £140 full-waged/£100 low-waged. However, do give as much you wish to.  All donations received are used to provide all the teaching content and maintain our online activities.