We have a rich program of events beyond our usual drop-in classes, including regular courses, retreats, festival days and other events.


Doorways to Liberation: Meditation Foundation Course

Learn simple tools for living a more effective, happier life.

This four-week course can give you the skills and tools needed to develop an effective meditation practice. We will explore how through learning simple exercises and meditations we can unlock clarity, confidence and stillness in our everyday lives.

Each week the course is supported by handouts, home practice and simple, straightforward teaching, meaning it is suitable for newcomers, or those with meditation experience who are wanting to re-establish their daily practice on a firm foundation.

Four Tuesday evenings from 15th January 2019, 7.15pm to 9.45pm.

Led by Amaladana and Charlotte.

Course held at The Sunshine International Arts C.A.F.E, Studio 5, 209A Coldhabour Lane, SW9 8RU

£40 (£30 concessions). Booking essential.

Life with Full Attention

An eight-week practical course in mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about living fully and vividly, without rumination or distraction. A systematic approach to mindfulness and authentic happiness, starting with applying mindfulness in everyday life and culminating in mindfulness of the nature of reality. The book Life with Full Attention by Maitreyabandhu will be our guide to daily practice, and a free copy of the book will be given to you at the start of the course.

The course is suitable for newcomers or more experienced meditators.

Led by Viryanaga and Vajrabandhu.

Eight Monday Evenings 7.15-9.45pm, starting Monday 18th Feb 2019.

Course held upstairs at YogaPoint, Brixton, SW2 1AP

£140 (£100 concessions). Booking essential.

Reviews of the Life with Full Attention Book from

G Turner - 5 out of 5
Great book on mindfulness that really covers all aspects of life. I’ve read it twice and each time I’ve found completely new things in it. It really makes you think about how you engage with yourself and the world around you.

Richard Crook - 5 out of 5
I thank you most sincerely for taking the time and giving your energy and love to producing Life With Full Attention. I’m amazed at the changes I’m experiencing. I’ve lost that background feeling of anxiety in my belly. It’s gone. I don’t have nearly so many outbursts at work when things don’t happen my way. I have become mindful of the pre-reaction feelings in my body. I’m experiencing, and being aware of experiencing, feelings of peace much more often. People I work and live with are benefitting and treating me differently. My awareness of the presence of ‘self’, projection and validation is really improving. The overwhelming and almost constant feeling is simply one of gratitude.

Emm - 5 out of 5
The true value in this book / course is that it is laid out in 8 weekly chunks, systematically building on skills so essential for meaningful and stess-less engagement with life. Although I have done numerous Buddhist retreats in the past, dipped into and out of meditation courses and practised / not practised meditation off and on….. this book was a turning point. I started this journey so stressed, grasping and anxious about myself, my performance, my job, family etc….. This book has grounded me and helped me to develop insight that previously eluded me. Thank you.

Steve - 5 out of 5
I am currently participating in the 8 week course taking place at my Buddhist centre in Auckland, and based on your excellent book. I would like to thank you for formulating and publishing such a practical and “no nonsense” course on mindfulness.


We currently hold two retreats a year at two different retreat centres in the UK, Vajrasana Retreat Centre in Suffolk, and Rivendell Retreat Centre in Sussex. Join our mailing list to receive details of our upcoming retreats.

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

Brixton winter retreat at Vajrasana, to .

Join us for the perfect way to start the new year, looking back to what has come before, and looking forward to what is to come. A collective weekend of meditation, reflection, discussion and exploration. Suitable for newcomers and regular attendees.

More details of the theme for the weekend to follow.

Many other open retreats are held throughout the year by other Triratna groups and retreat centres. See Going On Retreat for listings and joining information.


Classes are held upstairs at Yoga Point, Brixton.

122 Dalberg Rd, Brixton SW2 1AP


Please check the event listings above for course venues.