other triratna centres in the london region

London Buddhist Centre (LBC), 51 Roman Rd, E2 0HU

North London Buddhist Centre: 72 Holloway Rd, N7 8JG

West London Buddhist Centre: 45a Porchester Rd, W2 5DP

Croydon Buddhist Centre: 96-98 High Street, Croydon

and the London Meditation project

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Triratna Retreat Centres in the UK

Camping retreats: Buddhafield

Public Triratna Centres worldwide

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Kamalashila’s ‘Dharma Door’

Sangha Day Talk by Elena Blanco (Brixton Triratna)

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Buddhist meditation courses online: Wildmind

Clear Vision specialises in award-winning DVD and online interactive Buddhist materials for schools and young people and audio-visual materials for Buddhism