Brixton  Triratna Buddhist Centre

Welcome. This is the website of the Brixton Triratna Buddhist Community formerly known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO). 
We are a community of Buddhists aiming to provide a local situation for people to meditate together and explore Buddhism.

We offer a variety of classes upstairs at YogaPoint See Classes page for details

Monday evenings are open on a drop in basis to newcomers to Buddhism and Meditation. (see details under Classes). 

(Beginners classes can also be found at several Triratna Buddhist Centres around London. See Links page for venues)

On Wednesday evenings we offer less guided meditation periods (for those familiar with meditation) and explore different series of Buddhist themes including ritual.

We welcome everyone interested in Buddhist meditation and /or Buddhism
Our classes have a friendly atmosphere and promote a sense of community. 
On this site you can find information about Buddhism in the UK.                     
On Monday evenings we meditate as a community with one of two traditional Buddhist meditation practices.
the Mindfulness of Breathing which enhances awareness of Self and Others and
the Metta Bhavana- cultivation of loving kindness which can bring about a radical transformation of positive emotion and our emotional experience of ourselves and others.

On Wednesday evenings there is a Buddhism class for those who are familiar with two meditation practices.Meditation.htmlMeditation.htmlMeditation.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

Triratna Brixton is registered charity, No 1084889